Album “A Cat Named Thomas”

The album “A Cat Named Thomas” can be downloaded from for a price of your choice (includes free downloads). The short promo video for the album can be found here. The album features the following nine original tracks:

All tracks written and composed by noisedriver. Originally this album was published under the artist name “A Brushwood Tale”, which would become “noisedriver” a couple of weeks later. It was written as a little experiment with some music software (Magix Music Maker 17). The tracks were written in a timespan of three days. Although there were some nice musical ideas, it was not really meant to be taken seriously. The “cat theme” sort of illustrates this. It was kind of a tribute to my cat, Thomas.

The album is no longer available for downloading or public streaming.

A Cat Named Thomas Album Cover

“A Cat Named Thomas” Album Cover

  1. Wet Socks (or something similar)
  2. Worse for Wear (need new socks)
  3. Cats Don’t Need Socks (so don’t make me wear them)
  4. A Message for All Felines (je vous aime)
  5. I See Animals (now don’t go feed the lion)
  6. I See What You did There (I want chocolate milk)
  7. Je Suis un Chat (although I hesitated for a moment there)
  8. Was I Entertaining (lie if you must)
  9. Epilogue (it stopped raining, let’s go outside)

Released 29 December 2011 . Written, composed and recorded 29 – 30 December 2011 by noisedriver. Written for my pet cat Thomas!


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