Album “Inspector Lloyd, Bradford CID”

The album “Inspector Lloyd, Bradford CID” can be downloaded from for a price of your choice (includes free downloads). A promo video for the album can be found here. The album features the following nine original tracks:

Inspector Lloyd, Bradford CID Album Cover

“Inspector Lloyd, Bradford CID” Album Cover

  1. A Downtown Murder (prologue)
  2. At the Crime Scene (is there a witness)
  3. Motives (money, passion and power)
  4. The Trail is Dead (pieces are missing)
  5. An Unexpected Turn of Events (the tip)
  6. The Confrontation (car chase)
  7. You Have a Right to Remain Silent (evidence and confessions)
  8. Case Closed (file this for me)
  9. An Imperfect Reflection (epilogue)

Written and composed by noisedriver. Published on January 10th 2012. The album “Inspector Lloyd, Bradford CID” is a concept album that was meant to tell a story through nine songs. The tracks provide a soundtrack for a murder mystery in Bradford.

All sound effects were taken from Some sound files were used under creative common licence: truck passing in (6); traffic in (6)


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