The noisedriver music project is a studio project that has the ambition to compose, write and publish music in various genres such as jazz, classical, pop, folk, rock, post rock, hard rock and metal.


There are several notable artists that influenced noisedriver’s compositions and musical ideas. I list a few here. When I started being really interested in music, MUSE was actually the first band whose music I started to study. I tried to learn how the chords they used were constructed from a song book I bought.

Michael Nyman’s work on “The Piano” (1993) is one of the best soundtracks ever created, in my opinion. With Little Impulse one of those tracks that has so many of the elements that I have been trying to emulate in my more recent work. Another one of those tracks is “It Was Nice to Have Met You” by Alexandre Desplat on the score for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (2008). Compositions like these overflow with this magic of music. A track by noisedriver that perhaps captures some these ideas is “At the Crime Scene (is there a witness)” from the album “Inspector Lloyd, Bradford CID” (2012).

Cloudkicker is an artist of a very different genre and hence has inspired me to create music in another, yet related, direction. Also almost exclusively instrumental, this band has the ability to create heavy, captivating soundscapes. Miroist’s “Schopenhauer’s Fallacy” on “The Pledge” (2013), or Russian Circles‘s “Youngblood” from “The Station” (2008) are also tracks I think of when writing music for projects in this genre.

Other bands and artists I look up to are Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor), Placebo, Deftones, and Animals As Leaders.

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